Legal expert evaluation concerning the waste and recycling containers 1100 with a domed lid


Due to the numerous enquiries concerning the waste container 1100 with a domed lid – old waste containers without a safety lid, i.e. those manufactured before 09/2000, the GGAWB has retained the legal services of TaylorWessing in Düsseldorf to carry out a legal expert evaluation.


The question to be answered is:

  • Are the waste containers 1100 SD that were manufactured before 09/2000, i.e. without a safety lid that are not compliant with the standard, allowed to remain in use or must these containers be taken out of service / or must they be retrofitted? 


An additional question was raised: 
  • What might be the possible impact of the Equipment Safety Act and the Production Safety Act on the usage of old containers?


Answers to these questions can be found in the download section and are valid, regardless of material, as a matter of principle for waste containers with domed lids according to EN (European Norm) 840 and RAL-GZ 951/1, respectively.
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