Sustainability and preserving resources - RAL quality tested waste and recycling containers


1. High quality impacts safety and durability
The high quality and operational safety of RAL certified waste and recycling containers is based on:

  • Test requirements that focus on the most important load/stress simulations regarding the tough conditions of every day use of the waste and recycling containers and which considerably exceed the standard requirements of EN 840.
  • Neutral prototype tests carried out by accredited testing institutes
  • Continuous product and document monitoring
  • Neutral external production monitoring and regular sample testing of the waste and recycling containers according to set authorized regulations
  • A neutral approval procedure for the awarding of the registered RAL quality mark, but also for the withdrawal of certificates if the RAL quality and test requirements are not adhered to.


2. Flexible use of materials allows for eco-friendly conduct
The materials to be used for the production of waste and recycling containers are intentionally not specified by the RAL GZ 951/1.
Compliance with the testing criteria shall not restrict the creative use of sustainable materials and / or the preservation of irreplaceable resources, e.g. polymers made of petroleum. CO2 emissions resulting from production and transport of the waste and recycling containers must be reduced in the best possible manner.
Secondary raw materials and hollow, plastic, or plastic covered axles for two wheeled waste and recycling containers, respectively, can be utilized as an alternative for these reasons. In any case, adherence to the requirements of the quality and testing specifications of the RAL-GZ 951/1 as well as the requirements for recyclability and innocuousness of the chemicals used is a prerequisite (European guideline REACH).

3. Durability of waste and recycling containers conserves resources and reduces harmful emissions
Quality tested waste and recycling containers are characterized by their increased durability and therefore preserving resources and lowering CO2 emissions. The complete recyclability of the waste and recycling containers facilitates the return of materials that can be used to produce new waste and recycling containers.


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