Gütegemeinschaft Abfall- und Wertstoffbehälter e.V.

(Quality Control Association of Waste and Recycling Containers)

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50679 Köln


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Quality and testing guidelines for the RAL quality mark RAL-GZ 951/1
Following the usual 5-year cycle for national and European standards, the quality and testing guidelines for the RAL quality mark RAL-GZ 951/1 have been revised, and were released in June 2013.
Flammability of Mobile Waste and Recycling Containers
As a result of the many inquiries sent to the GGAWB concerning the flammability of plastic waste and recycling containers, the GGAWB has commissioned the Institut of the Fire Department Saxony-Anhalt to carry out a comprehensive expertise.
Sustainability and preserving resources - RAL quality tested waste and recycling containers
New Award Certificates Introduced
Distinguishing characteristics: The text on the certificates is in three languages (German, English and French), each certificate is two pages long and the certificate number and validity period is stated.
Legal expert evaluation concerning the waste and recycling containers 1100 with a domed lid
Due to the numerous enquiries concerning the waste container 1100 with a domed lid – old waste containers without a safety lid, i.e. those manufactured before 09/2000, the GGAWB has retained the legal services of TaylorWessing in Düsseldorf to carry out a legal expert evaluation.
Tragic Accident: Child trapped in a waste container dies
A 10 year old boy was trapped in waste container in Erfurt and died of his injuries after being in a coma for nine days.

Compaction of Waste in Waste and Recycling Containers
The quality committee of GGAWB e.V. has agreed on the following regulation:
Plastic and metal mobile 2-wheeled and 4-wheeled waste and recycling containers: capacity up to 1700 liters, are developed, manufactured and certified in accordance with the European Standard EN 840 and the RAL Quality Guidelines RAL-GZ 951/1 and RAL-GZ 951/2, respectively.

Handicapped accessible Waste and Recycling Container 1100
The set of issues concerning the usability of sliding domed lid containers according to EN 840 was particularly focused on in discussions with representatives of handicapped associations. Access for persons in wheelchairs is not easy, e.g. to manage the sliding domed lid of the waste and recycling container 1100.
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